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Other loyalty companies are only able target offers to those customers that are willing to carry a separate loyalty card, key fob, opt-in for email messages or text messages, or provide other personal data. Typically this group represents about 1-2% of your overall customer base… and oh, by the way, they are ALREADY your best customers!








  • T-Labs’ is the ONLY company that enables merchants to deliver relevant usage-based recommendations, offers, and promos to EVERY customer that makes a purchase
  • Advertising Platform: T-Labs is the first processor to enable real-time In-House or 3rd Party offers and recommendations
  • Reduce costs: T-Labs offers high-volume merchants the lowest transaction rates in the industry
  • Increase Revenue: T-Labs’ loyalty and marketing engine is designed to drive all customer behavior in real time… not just discount existing behavior
  • Big Data Analytics: T-Labs’ patent pending technology analyzes current and historic behavior and trends to serve up custom recommendations, offers, or promotions for each customer
  • Insight: The T-Labs dashboard provides all necessary data, analytics, and reports in real time
  • Finally a loyalty program that actually rewards your consumers and provides useful recommendations and offers that increase their behavior
  • Now your Consumers can enjoy all of the benefits of a truly customized loyalty program tailored to their actual behavior… without all of the hassles of a traditional loyalty program
  • Provide in-house or 3rd party offers and recommendations that are relevant to each individual customer’s unique needs… not just blanket spam-like coupons on their receipt